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"you're right, i'm scared to give my heart to someone, but it's not your fault, it's me.....
who's responsible for everything i'm doing.
there's always something holding me back to be in a relationship...........
and i can't force myself to be in a situation that i know
that will not work in the end.
i'm just fooling myself and will hurt someone
in the long run if i will not back soon enough..............."

f3 rescue

Falling Slowly

Jinwoon Version

Yonghwa Version

Seriously i love Yonghwa more.......u can say i'm bias but really his voice suits more this song and the fact that he been playing this song for ages because of hyun hihihihi

The pronunciation.....the beat.....guitar strokes.....completely beautiful when Yonghwa played hihihihihi

Ok....that's all

Huh.....sound ridiculous my post today right.......


Oh can't wait for tonight Heartstrings epsd 9 ^______________^

I will watching HS and also football game in the same time hahahaha
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  • Sat, 16:57: I would never let her go and make her happy kysaaaaa junpyo
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it's their 500th days anniversary.....and me witness their LOVE growing

571,680 minutes ,

Measuring my life with YONGSEO love,

it was Seasons of Love, and there i meet all goguma chinggus,

cheering for ur LOVE, spazzing, delusional, dreaming, hoping, reality, obsessed

i just don't care anymore.

Our hope only 1.......YONGSEO IS REAL <3


one of a king

only two words "SEOHYUN......SARANGHANDA" make me and others goguma hyperly happy almost 48hrs


On April 12th, SBS’s “Strong Heart” released a preview for the upcoming April 19th episode. During the preview, CNBLUE’s Jung Yonghwa was seen yelling, “Seohyun, I love you!” and then, “What am I going to do now?”, gathering much curiosity from netizens.

Netizens are assuming that Yonghwa is using “Strong Heart” to express his sorrows about the ending of his fake marriage with Seohyun on MBC’s “We Got Married“. They are also wondering if this loud outburst came from his inability to see her as often now that their ‘marriage’ is over.

If you want to see the real reason behind his sudden outburst, don’t miss next week’s episode!

Source: BNT News
As posted on allkpop

Credit: karen90611 @ soompi
1、There is an actress called 孙恩书(I do not know how to type in English),she looks alike SH.

So ,KHD asked YH:"Does 孙恩书 and SH look alike?"
YH said :"They are similar in temperament."
KHD:"Who do you think is prettier?"
YH:"they both are charming,but,I think SH is prettier."

KHD was not satisfied(We all know ,he likes to make loveline^^)Then he asked YH to shout out the girl he loves,孙恩书 or SH. At first ,YH hesitated for a while,however,people in the studio gathered together to make fun of 孙恩书 and YH.Besides,金永哲said:"If you want to finish the recording quickly,just say '孙恩书,I love you!'" However,YH shouted "SH,I love you." What's more, It seemed like he was out of control himself and he shouted for more than 10 times. People were all in a panic and asked him to stop.

2、YH was very funny when he yelled out "万岁",KHD asked him to do more.

3、YH smiled all the time,he was nervous and shy.Fans in the studio said he was cute

Do you remember 0817 2010 Strong Heart? This has been cut.
黄宝拉 said YH was her ideal type and KHD asked them to have an eye contact.But,YH refused to do so.He sai he had a wife now.

FR Baidu YongSeo forum

This news make me hyper.....energetic almost about 48hrs already!!!! This is my feeling when i heard about this news

My feeling : MIXED.
...Delusional me : Happy...(get hyper in the midnight where everyone should be sleep quitely)
Rational me : Scared (because of anti's)
Total : #%$#&%*^&
cre @zealous @soompi

But I know....even though he was force to say it by MC KHD......he really mean it. Ok....i'm already enough spazzing about them in We ♥ Yongseo & just enough!! conclusion.....i do really believe in them. Eyes never lies right.......and by saying over and all over again the same thing (refer all YH interview about his ideal girl) he always mention the same type *CLEAR EYE & LONG HAIR*. It was so obvious........coz i think in epsd 11 (their 1st day move in and her unnies come) Yh did mention that he love Hyun clear & sparkle's already proven!!!

"Host: Lets talk about the ideal type.  Start with YongHwa.  You can not choose SeoHyun.
Yong: The first impression is the most important.  I should feel something when first time we
           meet.  About the appearance, I  like a girl with long hair.  That's fine if she looks good with
           short hair.  Long and slightly curly hair.  It doesn't matter whether she has  small or
           big eyes as long as they are charming. 
Host: Who will you choose among these female celebrities?
Yong:...................................(Everyone is silent)
Host: Ok! Ok! You don't need to answer this question."

Translation of the talk in the radio show which CNBlue attended in 4/13 (credit: 小雨's blog
cre :Phoebechiu @soompi

And right now....I hope hyun also can give her some signal to us too. Come on hyun.....don't be shy ok (●*∩_∩*●)


one of a king

he's guitar freaks......but he also my chubby burning coz he gained 8kg LOL


There is something in my eye when i see this picture. While everybody was so busy with prearrangement for the shooting......he's was so absorb only to his guitar.

It's like he's in his only world.....him and the guitar only

And this picture too.............


Whenever he's with his guitar....there something else about him. Like completely a different person. And that make him look so passionate. Well........he's my burning!! Hahahha can i say that.....aigoooooo

And sometime he can be a sexy guy too


Kyahahahahahaha <((((((((((((((((◕‿◕)⊰


Anyway.....chuka-e to CNBLUE for all kill chart this 2 weeks!!!!!

They all really deserve it.........coz they work hard for it!!!

Last night i was so lucky coz i can catch up with CNBLUE comeback at MUSIC BANK via KBS WORLD. And after that they aired about CNBLUE comeback at Entertaiment Weekly.......aigooo what a lucky night!!!!

As usual their performance was JS rap at LOVE GIRL.........DJ Yong, powerful drum by MH and of coz the burning guitar freaks JH ♥

And i miss YONGSEO so much. But lucky was just not me.......lot of goguma were miss them. And by sharing all the special things from them at our
YongSeo Group Facebook.....i think when we share our pain and sadness together.......together we can handle it strongly ٩(̾●̮̮̃̾•̃̾)۶


And for YH and Seohyun.........i can think they also can't never forget that precious memory for a year in just a moment. Just look at the picture above.....he can't change his habit when he nervous he always touch his precious.......his ring at his fourth finger (∪ ◡ ∪)

I know.....he doesn't wear it at that moment......but the gesture he always do........make me so touched and think
" ahhhhh........he miss it and thinking that YH would said ~wondering either my buin watch my performance today or not~" being outrageous delusional here......i'm better stop right now

picture cre : cnbjonghyun @tumblr and as per tagged...TQ
one of a king

and why i can't forget them.......because.....

* 30 filming meetings
* 34 filming days (+ 2 unofficial filming days)
* 51 epi[c]sodes
* 397 marriage days (but WGM says 395?)
* 1 year, 1 month, 1 day and 4 marriage hours
* 571,680 minutes of YongSeo L.O.V.E

Five hundred seventy-one thousand
six hundred eighty minutes,*
Five hundred seventy-one thousand
Moments so dear.

Five hundred seventy-one thousand
six hundred eighty minutes,
Five hundred seventy-one thousand
Journeys to plan.

Five hundred seventy thousand
six hundred eighty minutes
How do you measure a year?

In daylights, in sunsets, in midnights
In cups of coffee
In inches, in miles, in laughter, in strife.

In Five hundred seventy-one thousand
six hundred eighty minutes,
Five hundred seventy-one thousand
Thank you’s

To translators, to subbers, to gif and show caps-makers,
To fellow spazzers, to realists, to delusionists,
To all goguma chinggus.

In Five hundred seventy-one thousand
six hundred eighty minutes
How do you measure
A year in the life?

Five hundred seventy-one thousand
six hundred eighty minutes,

Measure your life in love, Seasons of Love

YongSeo is L.O.V.E

cr: hacker8 @soompi


  And this is my sad face last night........didn't bear to watch but i keep watch it coz i know every second, minute they spend in their last epsd was precious moment for them and i want to feel the same way they do